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Our Pubs

You can't go wrong with either Pub!

Both pubs come with everything required to make your event a success. We include all of the following at no extra charge for your overnight rental; a portable bar, draft beer dispenser, wine barrels and lighting for inside the pub. Outside the pub we include picnic tables, Bluetooth speaker, umbrellas, white picket fencing, lights and a corn hole game.


The Pint

This is our smallest pub. We need about 5m X 4.5m and 5m in height (20'L x 20'W x 20'H) of space just to set up the pub and more room is required to set up the picnic tables and fencing which helps to create a perfect beer garden.

The Beast

This pub measures 6.5m x 8m and 7.5m in height ( 20'L x 30'W x 25'H ). In addition she weighs over 600 lbs so access to where she will be set up is critical. Similarly to the smaller pub additional space is required to create a beer garden.

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